Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Dare You!!

This country fell to a new low last night when a mere Congressman spoke in defiance of Dear Leader. Yes of course this has happened in the past when a Republican president was speaking before congress, but that President was not Dear Leader. You see there are two very simple rules that come into play when you are so honored to be able to sit and listen to Dear Leader.

1) No backtalk, defiance, or disagreements with Dear Leader... for he is Dear Leader.

2) Always follow rule #1

What made last nights situation even worse was this peasant Congressman called Dear Leader a liar (his words, not mine Dear Leader) just as Dear Leader had finished calling Sarah Palin a liar. There is only person who is allowed to call people liars, get a standing ovation from his political party, and not be asked to apologize, and that is Dear Leader. How dare you Joe Wilson!


  1. Obama goes on prime time television calls Sarah Palin a liar while spewing his usual litany of lies, Congressman Wilson calls him on it, and the MSM, the Left and the Beltway Repubs are outraged, outraged I tell you, about Wilson??!! WTH is wrong with people?!

    Funny since this is the same MSM, Left and Beltway Repubs who said that Sarah was done in politics and completely irrelevant now. Yet, the president is so worried about her "irrelevance" that he smears her on prime time television! Stay classy, Obama administration.

  2. I applaud with a standing ovation Rep.Wilson's call on Obama. It's time for those with a voice to shout out and not let this maniacal heartless administration spew whatever, whenever without question or challenge.
    Thank you Rep. Joe Wilson for speaking my voice and your timing was perfect!
    Every time that sorry excuse of a human, obama, opened his mouth it was either a lie, or name calling. He did exactly what he accused the Republicans of. Why does he get the freedom to call Sarah Palin a liar? Why does he get the freedom to call those of us who oppose the oppression he's trying to put in place for our country liars and trouble makers? Why does he get the freedom to call Republicans names and accuse them of standing in the way and using scare tactics (which he closed his speech with)? Rep. Joe Wilson spoke for OUR freedom.
    I wish I could wake up from this nightmare. Better yet -- I'll be in Quincy for 9/12!